Woman laughed until she cried over her puppy’s ‘chunky’ bum in hilarious snap


A woman couldn’t stop laughing after spotting a very amusing detail in a photo she took while cuddling her golden retriever puppy, Porter

A puppy has gone viral on social media thanks to his bottom – just another totally normal day on Instagram, eh?

Photos of Porter, a four-month-old golden retriever pup, have garnered nearly one million likes, with one in particular capturing people’s attention.

A recent snap shared by his owner Alyssa Guerra, a psychology student from Texas, showed off the pooch’s big fluffy bum.

In the image, the 21-year-old is holding her dog to her chest, with her arm under his bum.His fur has bunched up, so it looks as if he has two “chunky” human-like bum cheeks.

When Alyssa noticed the hilarious detail on her camera roll, she says she “literally laughed until she cried”.

Thanks to the hilarious snap, Porter has since garnered more than 1,000 followers on his Instagram page.

Speaking about the funny photo, Alyssa said: “Initially I didn’t even notice the butt cheek picture because I had taken multiple photos and immediately just locked my phone after.

“A few hours later I went back to my camera roll and saw this infamous picture and literally laughed until I cried.”

She continued: “I was not expecting it to go as viral as it did. I am astounded. It was so hard to keep up with replies and comments but for the most part we received such positive feedback, people were complimenting Porter’s cheeks and his cuteness.”

Alyssa also shared the amusing photo on Twitter, where it amassed over 28 million impressions.

“To think that that many people viewed my picture is crazy,” she admitted.

The student has been in shock ever since her inbox started to flood with messages from Porter’s new fans.

“As soon as I started seeing the picture on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit I knew we were officially viral.

“It has been so much fun talking to all of these new people, I never expected Porter to have such an impact online.

“Hopefully people will continue to check up on Porter and he can gain even more stardom in the future.”

She added that she had always wanted a large dog so made sure to pick the “chunkiest” pup at the kennels.

“Porter is a very social and cheeky young pup who loves attention and is so very curious so he licks, bites and sniffs the most random things.

“He loves people and other dogs, and is not afraid of making new friends with strangers.”