Xbox Series X/S pre-orders now available at these retailers


Update: Xbox Series X sells out, some Series S stock remains.

After months and months of waiting, you can now pre-order the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Microsoft’s next-gen consoles aren’t scheduled for release until 10th November, but you can already ensure either of the new boxes will be arriving at your door as soon as possible right here.

Remember, the Xbox Series X will cost £449/$499, while the slightly lower-powered Xbox Series S will set you back £249/$299. There is also the Xbox All-Access program if you’d rather pay for the console over time instead of a single upfront cost. You can find more on that and all retailers currently taking pre-orders for the consoles, accessories and games below.

Latest: Xbox Series X pre-orders have sold out globally. However, you can still find the Xbox Series S available at some retailers. More stock may trickle out over the next few days from any remaining stores. However, Microsoft has suggested that you should now expect more consoles to be available from launch on 10th November.

Xbox Series X/S Console pre-orders
Xbox Series X/S Accessory pre-orders
Xbox Series X/S Games pre-orders
If any more retailers offer an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S pre-order, we’ll be adding them to the page all the way up to launch on 10th November. We’ll also be sure to add any next-gen Xbox bundles if any become available. That seems unlikely at this stage, though.

Xbox Series X/S Consoles
An Xbox Series X costs £449/$499 – that includes the Xbox Series X console and the new Xbox Wireless controller. Aside from all the cables and perhaps a free trial for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, no other extras will be included.

If you want to go for an Xbox Series S instead, that’ll set you back £249/$299. Remember, though, that’s the less powerful version of the next-gen console. It’ll still comfortably run all upcoming Xbox games but it won’t run games natively at 4K, doesn’t feature a disc drive and has a smaller 512GB NVMe SSD. However, you’ll get support for 1440p at 120FPS and 4K upscaling, as well as the same raytracing and variable refresh rate features as with the Series X.

If you’re willing to sacrifice those additional features, you do save a considerable chunk of change on the console. Definitely worth it if you aren’t playing on a 4K TV or aren’t too fussed about all the extra performance benefits. For more help on making that decision, do take a look at our guide to the differences between the Xbox Series X and S.

Both consoles are also available to buy at a monthly fee through the Xbox All Access finance program. This package includes the Xbox console of your choice and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The retailers offering this payment plan are listed below if you’d prefer to buy that way. It’s not a bad idea if you’re comfortable committing to the monthly payments for two years as you can make a small saving on your purchase according to our calculations.