ASOS customers baffled by £9 t-shirt as some compare it to a ‘cheese grater’


Twitter user @Harrisonjbrock shared an image of an ASOS advert which promoted a £9 t-shirt with a large cut-out hole in each side, as others said it was perfect to show off his love handles

ASOS customers have been left confused by the design of a t-shirt featuring a cut-out on each side – with some comparing the look to a cheese grater.

The bold choice popped up as a sponsored post for Twitter user @Harrisonjbrock, advertising the clothing brand’s ‘ASOS DESIGN t-shirt in navy scuba with cut-out’.

Photos show a fitted t-shirt with two gaping holes in each side, exposing the model’s midriff and a large tattoo on his rib cage, with the description stating it’s made from ‘lightweight, scuba-style fabric’.

The advert came with the message: “A little bit of you? We thought so…” along with three clapping emojis, as Harrison commented: “ASOS I really cannot stress enough how much this is NOT a bit of me.”

The tweet has gained more than 54,000 likes and 2,200 retweets, catching the attention of ASOS, which replied to say: “It’s a gap in the market.”

Others on social media were less sure there was much of a calling for the t-shirt, as one commented: “Sure, because who else would want their left love handle hanging out of a hole in a shirt?”

A second said: “Cheese through a cheese grater sis… Who are the people buying these.”

Another added: “‘Want to show off your love handles!? We’ve got you’.”

But some loved the look, arguing: “Why, that’s cute if you got tattoos? I think that part’s sexy af in men, so why not show it? Women get to show their belly/midriff too – and no, you don’t have to be skinny.”

The price of the t-shirt has been slashed on the ASOS website, reducing from £20 to just £9.

Other users replied with their own similar experiences, with one saying their sister received a targeted advert for a £3.60 black jock strap.

ASOS has been contacted for comment.